Dutch Data Protection Authority to investigate TikTok


Every day millions of children and teenagers all over the world share countless creative videos on social media app TikTok. Some of these videos are viewed by millions of people worldwide. For many users this is an important way of staying in touch with friends and spending time together, particularly during the current coronavirus crisis. In the Netherlands many children now have TikTok on their phones. The rise of TikTok has led to growing concerns about privacy. In response, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) has launched an investigation.


Under Dutch law and under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, children are seen as particularly vulnerable because they are less aware of the consequences of their actions, especially when it comes to sharing personal data on social media. The Dutch DPA will examine whether TikTok adequately protects the privacy of Dutch children.

Collecting personal information

‘A huge number of Dutch children clearly love using TikTok,’ says Monique Verdier, deputy chairman of the Dutch DPA. ‘We investigate whether the app has a privacy-friendly design. We’ll also check whether the information TikTok provides when children install and use the app is easy to understand and adequately explains how their personal data is collected, processed and used. Lastly, we’ll look at whether parental consent is required for TikTok to collect, store and use children’s personal data.’

The Dutch DPA expects to publish its initial findings later this year.

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