You are on a black list

Does an organisation put you on a black list? Then this organisation will have to let you know.

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Right to information

You are entitled to the following information:

  • the name and the address of the organisation;
  • the purpose for which the organisation collects your data;
  • how long the organisation uses your data;
  • how long you will be on the black list.

For example, the organisation does not have to inform you that you have been put on a black list if:

  • you already know that the organisation processes your data for that purpose;
  • this is necessary for the prevention and investigation of criminal offences.

Organisations that may view your data

Do you wonder who can view your data on the black list? This depends on which organisations have been affiliated with the black list you are on. An organisation may use a black list within its own organisation only or share it with other organisations.