AI & Algorithmic Risks Report Netherlands - Winter 2023-2024

The risks of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms are growing, especially with the emergence of generative AI. Issues like disinformation, privacy violations and discrimination are becoming more common. Technological innovations and the rapid adoption of AI and algorithms is currently outpacing our society’s ability to identify and manage these risks through regulation and supervision.

Since early 2023, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP) is the national coordinating authority for risk signalling, advice, and collaboration in the supervision on AI and algorithms.

In its second AI and Algorithmic Risks Report Netherlands, the AP highlights the urgent need for better risk management and incident monitoring. The advance of generative AI puts additional pressure on the development of effective safeguards. 

The report recommends a comprehensive strategy (a national master plan) that includes human control and oversight, secure applications and systems, and strict rules to ensure that organisations are in control.